Weight Loss Stretching poseयोग हमें उन चीजों को ठीक करना सिखाता है जिसे सहा नहीं जा सकता और उन चीजों को सहना सिखाता है जिन्हे ठीक नहीं किया जा सकता।

Weight Loss Workout

Healthy Daily Routine & Weight Loss

पहला सुख निरोगी काया / Antas Yog Fitness

बस एक बार मॉर्निंग times mei शरीर का ध्यान रखना फिर तो 24 hr. energy...
FIRST HAPPY BODY :it's only once that u have to take care of ur body in the morning, then there is continuous flow of energy for 24 hrs. 10min meditation in morning n 20min workout makes u stay young till 100yrs of age. We all aspire to stay young, happy n healthy forever but aren't aware of the process from which to undergo.
Process includes :
#20min meditation which charges u up with power, strength n energy.
#drink a glass of water in the morning. However, whosoever is suffering from constipation issues or cholesterol issues or knee pain should drink lukewarm water.
#drinking hot water in winters saves u from unwanted cold as it balances body temperature.
#hot water reduces 2kg weight in 1 month.
Remember to drink water while sitting as drinking it while standing leads to knee pain. Also, it's advisable to add alovera or amla into the water n then drink.
#your breakfast should be light. Majority of people consider paranthas n butter to be an ideal meal for breakfast. However, on the contrary what's effective are other food stuffs such as sprouts, idli sambhar, Dal cheela, wheat bread etc. So, instead of sticking to one food item one should keep on changing.

#don't use one type of oil instead keep on changing like can use mustard oil,soya oil, sesame oil etc.
#sometimes johar flour, sometimes wheat, or makai flour provides u with good quality nutrition. No need for extra vitamins.
#be happy while eating.
#reduce ur diet to half. If u want to be healthy stick on the rule:half diet In double eating time.
#Chew food 32times.
#drink water after one hour of eating.
#eat curd in the morning, buttermilk in the afternoon n milk at night. Avoid consuming curd at night.
#meditate before sleeping at night which inturn will improve ur ethics which will help you lead a happy healthy life