Healthy Diet Tips for Weight loss

Bad food combination can cause gastric and acidity problems.Its what we eat that makes up our mind.We can depend our life on medicine and poison as well.Its completely our choice in which way we want roots of our life to flourish.To maintain a healthy body,correct food combination is a prerequisite because a mishandled food combination can be the root cause to many problems.Ignorance makes you sick again and again.

Wrong food combination causes stomach pain, gas acidity and even ulcers and despite of these complications we do not give a thought to its cause.For healthy body and mind we need to have knowledge about right food combinations.

  1. Firstly, we sometimes eat non seasonal vegetables and fruits which harms us instead of doing good. So Try to Eat Seasonal Fruits and Food that is grown near to demographic zone.
  2. Often, we go for ice-creams after eating fried and spicy food which is a blunder. We need warmth to digest such complex food items but we by eating ice-creams lowers the temperature of body. This fact cannot hence be overlooked that our ignorance tends to make us choose wrong food combinations. Ice-creams are high in Sugar and makes it difficult for our body to digest.
  3. Also we suffer from various skin related problems such as allergies, alopecia etc and what’s disappointing is that we aren’t aware of the fact that it’s wrong food eating habits that is it’s root cause.
  4. Third prominent fact is role of fruits in meeting our bodily needs.However ,if it’s eaten immediately after having food,it can cause deteriorating effect. Fruits contain fiber which affects digestion of food causing bloating and gastric problems.
    Lastly,most important thing to remember is that after eating oil or salty food,consumption of milk is completely prohibited.For eg after eating paranthas, bread roll’s, upma etc drinking milk acts as a poison as combination of milk with salt is a complete NO.
  5. We should not eat anything till 2 hours of drinking milk.
  6. In today’s video we will tell you about various poses related to gastric and bloating problems.

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