About Us

Antas offers complete fitness solution at a place of your choice. We are dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer Yoga classes to compliment you and your life. This practice will open you up to a new world of possibilities. We're not here to "perfect the pose" or "get it right." We're real people that support one another creating a positive community. We invite you to come in, try us out and see where the practice of yoga can take you.

Our Story

ANTAS YOG is a health organisation which would enable you to keep your mind, body and soul in perfect health and ideal sync. With a rewarding experience and practical knowledge of 25 long years, ANTAS YOG has successfully treated hundreds of patients.

Meet Indu Jain

Hello everyone!!
This is Indu Jain (Yoga Expert) from Antas Yoga DU-164, PITAMPURA.

More Than 25 Years of Experience in dealing with various day today health Issues. Yoga is a journey to the inner self, it naturally has to be a very individual practice. No one student is identical to another, nor can one training be identical. More important than the physical training level is the attitude of the students, who should be self-motivated and curious to learn new things as they set out towards a Yogic life-style.


Indu Jain

Yoga Expert

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